Moto Baby ♥ Leggings

Leggings are HOT HOT HOT! in the market now, but not all of us can wear those crazy prints/graphics. Thanks to my lovely momma, the widest part of my body are my hips. Although I adore prints and graphics on tees, I would personally prefer not to have prints on my butt and thighs making them look like the biggest thing on my body. PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

So let’s backtrack a little… While I was in Hong Kong, I found a few pair of jersey knit/pleather leggings. At the time I was thinking, “‘I’ve never seen anything like these in the US! I wish we carried more garments like these.” Yadda yadda yadda… And when I came back, I saw aztec prints, disney graphics, skulls and crosses, you name it, they were all on leggings. But I have yet to find something more subtle… That is until I walked into Cotton On. And guess what I saaaww?

moto baby

Paris Legging | $19.95
Cross Stitch Legging | $29.95
Felicity Spiced Legging | $29.95
Mel Ponte Legging | $29.95

These are my top four leggings that I’m currently raving over, but there are more that I’m wanting to buy. I need this store to go on a BOGO sale. If they ever do end up on sale, I’m going to buy one of each. I swear it.


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