Chunky, Cozy, Crazy ♥ Sweater Knits

Today I thought I’d start a new sketch segment featuring things that I want but don’t have the funds to buy them right now. Call it my fashion wish list! (Christmas is just around the corner, you know. *wink*) “But, Emily, why sketch when you can just post pictures instead?” Well, my lovely dears, I happen to love sketching (as if you can’t tell). It also helps me practice drawing and manipulating certain fabrics and textures. And, simply, because I can. ;) I will try my best to feature these posts at least every Friday, and if not, every other Friday.

If there’s one thing to know about me, it’s that I love love love love LOOOOOVEEE cozy knit sweaters. I just adore them! I seriously cannot wait for the weather to be colder so I can wear my chunky, cozy knits again! There’s something about layering your color palettes together to create a very one-of-a-kind look for yourself. I remember walking into Forever 21 last week and saw the most fabulous  snow leopard print on a white sweater! I didn’t get it though. I’m still waiting for my paycheck… One day. Maybe this weekend! *fingers crossed* And while browsing through Forever 21’s online store, I found these lovely styles.

chunky cozy crazy

V-Neck Sweater | $14.80
Sequined Striped Purl Knit Sweater | $27.80
Textured Knit Longline Sweater | $19.80
Lace Overlay Sweatshirt | $17.80
Banded Lace Panel Top | $15.80

Are you guys just as crazy about sweater knits like me, or do you prefer a different item in your closet? Tell me! I’d love to know.


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