Sketch It Daily: YSL’s Mondrian Shift Dress

We all know of Piet Mondrian’s abstract composition. And every time we hear that name, we can’t help but think of Yves Saint Laurent’s “Mondrian Shift Dress” back in 1965. Saint Laurent’s collection was a show stopper. Making his statement worldwide, it became clear that this was everyone who was anyone’s must have item of the decade.

I started to wonder what if Piet Mondrian played around with different figures and shapes. Instead of lines that created boxes, what if those lines formed triangles or diamonds or of the like. I’m sure there’s a reason behind what Mondrian did what he had to do when creating his pieces. Though I’m also sure that I wasn’t the only person who thought of rearranging the lines to form other shapes. So here, I offer my twist of “what if’s” to Mondrian’s abstract composition. Enjoy!

The inspiration:


The sketch:



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